Wednesday, August 31, 2011

random thoughts

I really would love some new clothes for fall, except I hate shopping.
I wish I could have someone shop for me.
I really want a gold watch. {I loveee my white one that mark bought me for christmas but it would be nice to have a gold one too so I could mix it up}
I'm really excited for fall. {summer in rexburg isn't living up to par with california summer so I'm over it}
I love watching the leaves change.
I love wearing sweaters and sweatshirts {even though I usually look frumpy, but its comfy}
I want it to be cold at night so I can snuggle in all my blankets in bed.
I really miss my lil snookie
did I mention i want some new fall clothes? :)


  1. I'll shop for you! haha you know how I do ;) Cute post! I miss you!

  2. I would loveee that! you be my personal shopper and you can borrow the clothes whenever :)