Thursday, July 28, 2011

butterfly butt

In 8th grade I remember I use to get this clothing catalog, I can't even remember what it was called anymore but there was this pair of jeans that were super flared and had butterflies on the butt instead of pockets, I was obsessed with them. I remember I circled them in the catalog and kept telling my mom how cute they were and how bad I really wanted them. She said they were cute but I couldn't get them.
Then for my birthday she ordered them for me and I was so shocked! I was so excited to wear them to school the next day. I thought I was so hot in those jeans. They were my favorite. I remember thinking "how many times can I wear them in one week without people noticing?"
I remember towards the end of my freshman year of high school Clark made fun of me for wearing my butterfly jeans {even though I had worn them all year.} I was sad because I still thought they were cute but it was time to grow up. No more butterfly jeans.
Thanks for my favorite pair of butterfly jeans, Mom!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bed time game

One of our new favorite things to do before bed is to play a couple rounds of Uno! I know, how old are we? but it's actually really fun {except for the fact that Mark pretty much always beats me}!
It's a great way to end the day, laughing, yelling uno, and trying to switch the colors on each other.
Can't wait to play tonight!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love emma watson!

"I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing. If I do an interview with photographs people desperately want to change me - dye my hair blonder, pluck my eyebrows, give me a fringe. Then there’s the choice of clothes. I know everyone wants a picture of me in a mini-skirt. But that’s not me. I feel uncomfortable. I’d never go out in a mini-skirt. It’s nothing to do with protecting the Hermione image. I wouldn’t do that. Personally, I don’t actually think it’s even that sexy. What’s sexy about saying, ‘I’m here with my boobs out and a short skirt, have a look at everything I’ve got?’ My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder." -Emma Watson

family night

last night we had our first real FHE...I know, we have almost been married for a whole year and we just had our first fhe! well in our defense we use to work every monday night...and then we started doing couple dates with some friends on monday nights.
Anyways, when I got home from work last night I tried this new recipe, which was delish! then Mark told me he had planned a family home evening for us! I was in charge of songs so we sang once there was a snowman, yes in the middle of july :) then he pulled out the scriptures and read about charity. Then for our activity he thought it would be fun to make a candy board to take to our good friends the Hancocks. I had never made a candy board before so I was really excited. After hitting up the gym we went to the store and got a bunch of candy that we thought would make for a good laugh. He had so much fun trying to think of what to say with the candy and how to make it thoughtful as well. I have to admit, it wasn't really pretty, but I am confident that with practice this could become a new talent for us!
Thanks Mark for the wonderful family night!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

grown up

you know you're bored when:
-your leg twitches and you think it is your phone vibrating so you scramble to pull your phone out of your pocket, just for some hope of human contact
-you go to the bathroom 3 times in an hour just as an excuse to get away from your desk and chair that your butt has been glued to all day

today has been a

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bruno Mars kinda day

I heard this song in jamba juice today and it was the perfect start to my day! When I got to work I listened to it on youtube like 4 times :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mark just called me to cheer me up about driving home next month.
Everyone knows I love crazy adventures so Mark decided to make the drive home a little more exciting. Instead of driving the full ugly 14 hours in one shot, we are going to leave Wednesday afternoon and drive as far as we can then get a cheap hotel room {probably in Winnemucca}. Cheap hotel room=adventure, you never know what kind of experience it will bring.

Thanks Mark for making this exciting :)
I can't wait to see all the adventures life has in store for us!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mark just called me and ruined my day...I know that sounds harsh, it wasn't his fault but he was the bearer of bad news
1. Our sister-in-law is in the hospital because something that weighs about 300lbs fell on her leg and she may have to have surgery {yeah she also has a 4 month old baby and two little girls}
2. the house I really wanted is out of our price range. There is the cutest little house about a block away from campus, it has daises in the front yard and a garden in the back yard. and we would have no annoying ppl living above us...I'm soo sad.
3. We have to drive home in August {I have been searching like crazy for decent flights but can't get anything under $500}
4. I still have another hour of work left
5. I'm not on my A game today, I'm all the way down to my C game...
I love this ad. 

It reads:

“A WOMAN IS OFTEN MEASURED by the things she cannot control. She is measured by the way her body curves or doesn’t curve, by where she is flat or straight or round. She is measured by 36-24-26 and inches and ages and numbers, by all the outside things that don’t ever add up to who she is on the inside. And so if a woman is to be measured, let her be measured by the things she can control, by who she is and who she is trying to become. Because every woman knows measurements are only statistics and STATISTICS LIE.” – 1991 Nike Campaign Ad

Thanks Abby! :)

potter+leeches+fugitives+fire at church= great end to the semester

I feel like we have been so buys lately and having so much fun that I don't have any time to blog, except to recap our weekend, but hey, I can't complain, that is a good thing!
I am loving summer right now and never want it to end! This past weekend was the most "summery" weekend I think we have had yet.
It started with going to Rexburg Rapids on Friday after I got work. We went with our friends the Hibbards and Rachel and her roommate Sam {Yeah, Rachel actually hung out with us!} But as soon as we got there some little kid pooped in the pool with the climbing wall, secretly I think it was Mark who pooped {we have only been to the water park once before and some kid pooped that time too, so I keep teasing Mark that it is him} so we just chilled in the lazy river that was so packed, we got stuck in lots of traffic jams. But sadly as soon as we got in the river a huge cloud covered the sun so it was pretty cold. Poor Mark was shivering and had purple lips, maybe it's because he has like 2% body fat...I was fine though...
Then Chris and Kyle invited us to go see Harry Potter with them! I was soo stoked! I am a harry potter nerd, Mark is embarrassed. We ran home and changed out of our wet bathing suits and heading to KFC to grab a quick frustrating dinner with Tara & Peter. {KFC totally messed up our order and it was chaotic} But then we made our way to St. Anthony to this really cute, old movie theater to see Harry Potter for $5 {yeah that's right 5 bucks! Sucks for everyone at home who had to pay $12 :)} I was so excited for this movie because the last one was soo amazing, I had really high hopes. At the end of the movie, I was kind of disappointed! The intense parts were too short and there were too many cheesy parts, I hated the ending! I wish it would have just ended with Harry & Ginny getting married...ugh! But I did love Snape's memory.

Anyways, Saturday I woke up to a cinnamon roll that Mark had gotten me from Paradise Doughnuts, well actually he went to get doughnuts because we were craving them but Paradise doughnuts was out of 10 am...weird, stupid, annoying but whatever. Then we worked out, it was a good start to the day. Then we went with the Hibbards to Lake Eagin! Rachel and Sam came with us again, it was a rough start though, I was running a little late and Mark kept calling me and getting mad at me lol. We finally got there though! There was suppose to be a big group of college kids with a slip n' slide but we couldn't see them. We realized they were on the other side of the 2 lakes and the only way to get there was to wade through the leech and muck infested lakes that are actually ponds... By the time we made it through the first "lake" and started going through the second one, our legs were really tired, I was grumpy because I hadn't eaten lunch and I saw a leech!  There were these really weird looking tadpoles/bearded dragons. {I was gonna post a picture of them but searching through images on google freaked me out, I think they are Ambystoma mexicanum, if you are interest in looking them have been warned.
It was really hot there and we forgot sunscreen, and a lot of the kids there were tools so we didn't stay too long. And I didn't get to go down the slip n' slide :(

After we made it back through the lakes safely, without any leeches, we ordered Dominoes pizzas so we could pick them up as soon as we got home, we were really hungry.

Then we went home and chilled/took a nap on the couch. Then Chris called and invited us to a bonfire at Beaver Dick Park. That was really fun.
Then we went to go play Fugitive through Rexburg! We picked up Tara & Peter on the way {can you tell that we are REALLY going to miss them next semester?! they are going to do an internship in Washington, but will be back for our last semester here in the winter.} Tara & I buddied up and were making our way through some allies and apartment complex when our husbands caught up with us. We all ran together through the shadows, dodging cars, and up to the middle of campus (the goal was to get to the Kimball/Hinckley parking lot). Tara and I were running behind Mark and Peter up the hill, in the open parking lot when I saw the "cops" and started yelling that they were coming so Mark and Peter would run faster and hide, I knew there was no way I was going to make it so I wanted to help them. I heard "Bang, Kelli," I yelled dang it! "Bang, Tara" she yelled dang it! we were soo mad! We were almost there!!! We probably only had 300 yards to go! so close. But we covered for Mark and Peter and they made it!
The next round, Mark and Peter were the cops. Tara and I were determined to make it this time, we were not going to let our husbands catch us! We came up with a fool proof plan, it was a little longer but totally worth it. After encounters with creepy guys, running past a drug snorting sesh, and a girl grabbing us and me screaming in her face, laying flat on the street thinking Mark and Peter were coming, and diving into LOTS of bushes...we made it through Rexburg and into the Brolumns parking lot! We had won! But of course Mark and Peter were mad and said we cheated...what party poopers, can't they just be excited for us?!

Sunday was also between Sacrament meeting and Sunday school the fire alarm went off. And look who showed up

Wow that was a VERY long post, sorry! As you can see, it was a very fun weekend. I'm sad it was the last one of the semester, after this week all of Rexburg dies and Mark & I will be pretty much the only people here :(

Thanks to everyone who has made this semester great, lots of couple dates, girls nights, snookie, Mark, Chris & Kyle for still inviting us even though we are married, we love all of you guys and cherish our friendships with each of you.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I like to move it, move it

Last night I happily jumped on the Zumba bandwagon...and I loved it! My sister-in-law, Sarah, and I have talked about going for the past few months and we finally went last night. We went in Rigby because we decided there would be a good variety of ages and talent, instead of all the college girls on campus and guys walking past the dance room to look in the door and watch...Rigby was the perfect place! It was in this little warehouse so it wasn't too hot. They turned off the lights and turned on colored strobe lights, it was like a big dance party! The instructor was so cute and so much fun. It was nice to go to a fitness class where the instructor actually knows what she is doing, not rip on the instructors on campus but it's just different. This instructor went to a zumba convention in Florida last week, student instructors just don't have time and the capability to do that.
I loved every body roll, wiggle, and drop of sweat. I wish I could go every day but I guess once a week will do. It really was such a good workout. For everyone who thinks it's just a bunch of girls dancing around wishing they were latin, it's that but so much more. I haven't had an ab work out like that in a very long time. If any husbands or boyfriends don't agree, make them go with you, I guarantee they can't do the whole hour.

On another note, today is our 11 months! Can you believe that? Mark and I have almost been married a whole year {there will be a cheesy, ooie gooie post dedicated to Mark and marriage next month}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy feet!

guess what came in the mail yesterday...

I'm obsessed and in love <3

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

you are the one

love this song.

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." -Oprah Winfrey

This past friday night I got a much needed girl's night with some of the most amazing girls I have EVER met! I have never been roommates with them {except for the wonderful Adria!} and I haven't known them all that well but when I'm with them I don't feel awkward or the weird married girl that is tagging along, I feel like we were friends before this. I only wish that I had hung out with them more over the past couple semesters.
Anyways, Suzanne, Brianne and Adria came and picked me up {thanks Suz!} and then we went and got Abby and Olivia! I knew this was going to be a great group with LOTS of memories to be made.
When we got to Suz, Bri and adria's apartment, me and liv and abbs were a little nervous because the other girls seemed to be planning something, and you never know what adria has up her sleeve!
We did a little learning from our friend cosmopolitan, discussed some crazy topics, caught abby's contagious laugh, screamed and ran down the hall because we thought adria was trying to scare us, got a little fashion show from Bri ;), a hot guy with a sexy stache {aka adria} dha, then we crashed on the couches and floor at 3am to be woken up by poor suz screaming at the top of your lungs "GO AWAY!" thanks for saving our lives!
You girls have no idea how much I needed that night. you probably thought it was just a typical night sleeping in the living room, but it was a little therapy sesh for me. Thank you for treating me like one of the gang! I love you girls and you all mean so much to me.
Abby-ever since the day we worked together in the rs presidency I have been intrigued by your smile and personality. I regret that I hadn't gotten to know you better when we both lived at the Ridge, i have to admit I was a little intimidated haha. Everyone wants to be your friend. Thank you for being such an amazing source of strength to everyone around you. You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for your amazing testimony and for sharing it through your beautiful writing abilities {yes, I stalk your blog daily :)}
Suzanne-first of all, you are absolutely gorgeous! I have loved playing just dance with you over the past couple semesters! I love that there is someone who is just as scared at night as me! haha I loved your screams and saving our lives. I have heard about all the times Bri or adria have scared you but it was priceless seeing it first hand last night, we can be scaredy cats together!
Olivia-you have been an inspiration since the day I met you at your baptism. I have so many great memories with you from our double dates at home, our summer of being groupies, our sleepovers, skinny dipping..hahah i love you so much! I love your beautiful smile with your perfect teeth. Thanks for your friendship over the years and in the years to come. I hope you know I'm always here for you, I'm just down the street from you and always just a text or call away. I would be at your side any time, day or night, so feel free to call me if you ever need someone.
Adria-oh my, so much to say about you haha, but mostly thanks for all the crazy laughs you provide and the endless love you show to everyone. You are truly an example to me. I've loved living with you my first semester at the ridge, working with you and looking at "cute kittens" with me, sleeping with you in San Diego at Jana's wedding :), and all the many times you have scared me or our roommates haha!
Brianne-last but certainly not least! I just love you! you are so cute and so much fun! You always make me smile. I'm so glad that after hanging out here and there the last 2 semesters when you were roommates with Glenna, we are finally friends hahaha I don't know why I took so long, I think I was just in that weird limbo of marriage and making new friends. Anyways, thanks for being so amazing. You are a hottie with a body that I definitely envy. I love all your spunk and attitude :) I'm going to miss you soo soo much next semester.

You girls are the best and mean so much to me. I've been in this awkward balance of being a newlywed but still wanting girl friends. I thought after my friends and I graduated that I wouldn't have any friends, and I think I made it that way at first. SO thank you for taking me in and making me feel like we've always been best friends.
I love you all!

Friday, July 8, 2011

camping, 4th of July, fireworks, family and love

Ok so here is a picture recap on the past couple weeks! We went camping with the Hibbards, Hulls, and Bairs, it was soo much fun! Then we went down to Utah for the Stadium of Fire where David Archuleta and Brad Paisley performed, it was amazing, me and Mark sang the whole time :) Then we came back up to Idaho for the Rexburg parade and the firework show in Idaho Falls. The past couple of weeks have been so busy but so much fun.
 I can't believe how fast this semester has gone, I've been a college graduate for a whole semester now...weird. 

Camping at Teton Canyon

The Stadium of Fire

We went with Dave, Lauren, Belle, Brad and LuAnn

Jimmer was on the big screen...Mark was ironically wearing his Jimmer shirt haha

Brad Paisley was so great!

The Rexburg Parade (yes, Rachel stood in the street with all the kids to catch candy, and a piece of candy landed right in Mark's elbow!)

At the Melaleuca firework show (this was the 3rd year Mark and I have been at the firework show together)

I got a longboard so we went on a longboarding date :)

I love summer! I wish the weather would stay like this year round, then Rexburg wouldn't be so bad.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I'm a little behind on blogging lately, we have done so much but I've been so busy enjoying the sun and warm weather that I haven't had time to write about it...but I promise I will upload my pictures from the past two weekends so I can blog about what's been going on
{more on camping and the 4th of July later!}

Today I ran across this blog that touched my soul. It made my eyes water a little bit countless times as I read the amazing testimony of a beautiful woman who lost her sweet daughter last year. I remember hearing about it on the news and through the grapevine. Her daughter fell into a canal in Rigby last summer and after fighting for her little life for about a week, she passed on.

It was sad, yet uplifting and inspiring to read about the trials this little family has endured in the past year. This girl is only a little over a year older than me and she has already had to bury a daughter.

While reading her blog it made me realize how selfish I am. I complain so much about dumb little things and after reading this I realized I have nothing to ever complain or be unhappy about. I've never met this woman or her little daughter but they have touched my life and inspired me to be a happier and more grateful person. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy birthday America!

The 4th of July is Mark's favorite holiday, it didn't use to be mine because I didn't get any presents but it has started to become one of my favorites. I love feeling so festive and loyal and patriotic. I use to be embarrassed when my mom would make me wear a read t-shirt, I felt so lame and cliche, but now that I'm older and more secure with myself, I love it!
I love the family bbq's, sparklers,  fireworks, parades, and warm weather! The Danville parade will always be my favorite, I love standing out on the curb of downtown dville, feeling my shoulders turn a crispy red that I know will fade into a beautiful tan, catching candy off the wonderful floats, seeing everyone in Danville all in the same place being patriotic. I guess that sounds like any other parade but there's something special about the Danville parade...I miss home. (Yeah Danville is the city on Mrs. Doubtfire where they go to Bridges Restaurant, I love my hometown!)
Anyways, I have some wonderful memories of the 4th of July, like hiking to the Y in Provo with my family and my cute grandma, going to Sundance, going to the Stadium of Fire with Miley Cyrus and the Blue Man Group performing, and the firework show in Idaho Falls, which is the largest firework display west of the Mississippi!
This year Mark's parents are coming to visit for the 4th! After work today we are heading down to Utah to meet them and Mark's brother David and sister-in-law Lauren and their 3 little girls. Tomorrow we are going to the Stadium of Fire!!! Yeah, be jealous! I loveeee Brad Paisley, and David Archuleta (he has the best christmas cd)

Then we will come back up to Idaho on Sunday for the Rexburg parade monday morning and the Melaleuca firework show Monday night. Rexburg is probably one of the cutest places on the 4th of July. The small town feel is wonderful on this holiday. The fire trucks go to the park and raise their ladders as high as they will go, hoist their hoses to the top and spray high into the air. The little kids run around the grass under the hoses. How cute is that?
We got old navy flag shirts for the 4th of July. ok they aren't actually the old navy shirts, they were out of all sizes except for xxl...not gonna work! so we got the same shirts at walmart!

I think we are all set to make this a wonderful, memorable, patriotic 4th of July! And we are gonna watch The Patriot of course!

Happy birthday America! Thanks to all those who fight to protect this nation and all it stands for.