Monday, July 18, 2011


Mark just called me and ruined my day...I know that sounds harsh, it wasn't his fault but he was the bearer of bad news
1. Our sister-in-law is in the hospital because something that weighs about 300lbs fell on her leg and she may have to have surgery {yeah she also has a 4 month old baby and two little girls}
2. the house I really wanted is out of our price range. There is the cutest little house about a block away from campus, it has daises in the front yard and a garden in the back yard. and we would have no annoying ppl living above us...I'm soo sad.
3. We have to drive home in August {I have been searching like crazy for decent flights but can't get anything under $500}
4. I still have another hour of work left
5. I'm not on my A game today, I'm all the way down to my C game...

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