Monday, November 5, 2012

Cabin get-a-way

This past weekend we took a group of friends up to the family cabin. It was a blast! How could it not be when you have good food, fun games, beautiful weather and scenery, and great people?!
One of the many highlights of the weekend was stopping in Angels camp and finding treasures and delicious salted carmels! Another fav was games on Friday night. We had such a good dynamic and can't even count how many times I cried laughing. Have you played "Imagine if?" I never had but it is hilarious! Other activities consisted of walking the path through the gorgeous Big Trees State Park (which definitely lives up to it's name), trying to build fires with coals, roasting smores with reeses (sooo good!), wandering through the little towns, warming up by the fireplace and lots of laughing.
We are so greatful to be meeting such wonderful people.

Can you spy little Cassidy?

I hope your start to November was as great as mine!


  1. First I LOVE this adventure! Second you are smokin hot! Third how come you look like a super model when you are supposed to be hiking!!?!

    1. Oh my self-esteem really misses you! You and Ioua need to come visit and we will go to the cabin!