Saturday, March 26, 2011

apartment wife

This semester I've really gotten into homemaking, or apartment making! I've been taking a "practical homemaking class with my friend Melissa. It was broken into 3 sections, sewing, cooking, and interior decorating. It's been such a fun class, and made me realize I can do all those things. I have some potential :) I love doing crafts and baking.

Some of the things I've made include
a pillow
apple pie
and a corset cake for my friends bachelorette party

Today I made magnets with my friend Jana for our refrigerators! They are so cute and were super easy to make.
I can't wait to graduate college so I can do crafts all the time.


  1. i'm so happy you love practical homemaking!! it really gave me confidence i can sew and cook haha

  2. Love that we could have this class together, and prepare to cook and sew and make crafts for the rest of our lives!!! cute magnets! you're gonna have to tell me how to make those!