Friday, September 16, 2011

festive, fall-y, homemaker-ish

I've been feeling really festive, fall-y, it what you will but fall is in the air and I'm loving it. I've never been so excited for fall, I love spring and summer and love going to the pool but I guess since I've been "grown up" {it's debatable} I haven't had much of a summer the past couple years because I've been working and getting married.

So since I caught the flu from my sister yesterday I had lots of free time to work on some fall project for our apartment. A couple weeks ago I made a yarn wreath that didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned. 
Yeah I know, it looks like a 5 yr old made it
So yesterday I took it apart, did some revamping and here's the new product:
Please disregard the "merry christmas" paper in the window
I also got some things to make a center piece {all the fall decor is on sale at Porters, fyi}

New fragrence for my scentsy. YUM!

We are ready for fall in apartment 112!


  1. I love how home makery - ish you are haha can you show me all of those cool tricks?!!

  2. hahah pinterest baby! and yeah lets do crafts when you move to provo!!